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Price - $239

This is the newest RCA dish on the market. It has has advanced features like a picture in picture surfing guide, caller ID, and the capability to update its software via the satellite.

This new RCA model also has a dual LNB dish which means you can add additional receivers now or later. Plus, it's new compact size is smaller than most cable boxes and you get many of the hottest menu features available like one-button VCR record!

Quality is not compromised for price because you are getting RCA, the top name in DIRECTV Systems. Over 75% of all DIRECTV customers have chosen RCA! Why not get this deluxe system at an entry-level system price now?

Look at all of the features of this unit!

RCA DS4280RE System Features & Benefits

Accelerated 32-Bit Processor
A 32-Bit processor is at the heart of this new receiver. The accelerated performance allows immediate access to all the new interactive features.

Master Touch Universal UHF/Infrared Remote Control (CRK76SA)
This new universal remote will control your DIRECTV receiver, plus most brands of TV's VCRs and cable boxes. Navigation buttons are ergonomically designed and color-coded to make surfing the program guides fun.

8-Event Scheduler
Allows consumer the ability to program their RCA brand DIRECTV System to turn on, tune to a specific channel, and turn off at a pre-set time.

One-Button Record
Records any program being viewed or highlighted on the main program guides with the touch of one button. The DIRECTV receiver sends infrared commands to the VCR to execute the recordings at the proper time.

Advanced ON-Screen Program Guides:

The SurfGuide brings up seven channels of programs at a time. Surf up and down the guide, viewing the current 30-minute or one-hour time window of programming. You'll never miss out on any of the action of your current show, because it stays active in the background while you explore other channels.

Information Guide
Lists five different channels of programming at a glance. Details on the current highlighted program are displayed in a banner at the top of the screen. Program information changes automatically as the consumer navigates through the guide and highlights different programs.

Full Seven-Line Program Guide
Provides channel and program title information for seven different channels covering a two-hour time window. Arrows help indicate programs that started before or ending after the current time shown on the grid.

Interactive Channel Banner
The new translucent, see-through Interactive Channel Banner makes access to the key features of the new DIRECTV System fast and easy. We've taken the most exciting new features, created icons for each of them, and positioned them in the banner for direct access.

The Guardian
With this feature, parents have the ability to lock out specific channels and set rating and spending limits. They will be able to set specific viewing times for both the weekdays and the weekends.

AlphaSort allows you to sort the current guide alphabetically, starting with any letters you choose. Go directly to any listed show with the push of one button.

The new Scout feature searches the entire program guide to find matches to eight key words or phrases that you enter. Great for keeping track of your favorite movies, sports teams, actors and actresses!

Home Control
Used in conjunction with Home Control accessories, the receiver can control lights and appliances directly, or while you're away, through the built-in timer function.

Dish Antenna (DSA200RW)
Dual Output LNB - Add additional DIRECTV receivers now or later Compact 18" Wide Metal Antenna Light Gray Satellite Finish

Back Panel Connections

  • RF In/Out Connectors
  • Two Sets of Audio/Video Outputs
  • S-Video Output
  • VCR Control Output
  • Low Speed Data Port
  • Phone Jack Connector
  • Satellite In Connector
  • Dolby Digital Optional Output

    Receiver Dimensions

  • 12" W x 2" H x 10" D
  • DIRECTV Standard Self Installation Kit

    Most customers install their satellite themselves. This IRC self installation kit contains the standard items needed for installation of a DIRECTV system*:

    *A standard satellite dish mounting mast, bracket and instructions are included in each DIRECTV system. Extra installation materials may be needed for multi-receiver or elaborate installations (e.g., extra RG-6 cable, chimney or pole mount, etc.). Satellite system installation manuals may refer to items that are not included in this kit (but also not necessarily needed).

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